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Buying Local (on the Mornington Peninsula)

There are great shops stocking craft supplies on the Mornington Peninsula. Here are a few of my favourite in no particular order. Let me know in the comments which local shops (in your area) you support!

Why buy local in the first place?

Buying local is like looking for a word in the dictionary.

My generation was one of the last generations to use a physical dictionary on a regular basis. I have clear memories of asking my elders how to spell a word and hearing,

"Go look it up." in response. After grumbling and begrudgingly dragging a heavy book from the shelf, I would thumb through the pages in search of my word. During my search, I would discover a plethora of other words flanking what I was looking for. Often looking for one thing, I could stumble upon so much more in the process.

Buying local leads to interesting conversations with shop owners, other patrons and adventures in the community. When we sit at home and buy things from our computers we forego the social exchange which enlivens a community and nourishes our creative sides. I cannot recall the amount of times I have walked into a shop to look for something and come out with a story in my head about the other people or things I see. These experiences are food for the creative soul.

During isolation periods, I sincerely missed the opportunities to go into my community and stumble upon the curiosity shops and spice shops that flank the art stores I was looking for. It's just like looking for a word in the dictionary, and if we go out searching we never know what we might find.

If you're still in isolation, you might try researching a few local stores and giving them a call to order directly from the sales person instead of ordering from a big box store. If you're going to have something shipped to you though the mail anyway try sending some of that business to local shops. If they don't have something in stock, a lot of times they will happily source it for you.

Rosebud Book Barn has a great assortment of professional grade art materials and everyday craft supplies as well. If you didn’t know, this place is family owned which adds a nice local touch and the knowledge that your purchases are putting funds back into our community.

Little Wollie Makes in Hastings has an amazing collection of beautiful wool, patterns and knitting supplies. One of the things that puts this shop on the top of my list is the amazing attention to detail by the staff an owner of the shop. The customer service is out of this world.

Rye News Agent has a surprising amount of large Mont Marte canvases and art supplies. There isn't a website for the business, but the link will give you the phone number and you can call with inquiries.

Local Op Shops. I can always find something to paint on at the Op Shops in Rosebud. There are a large collection of frames and canvases ready to hang or paint over. I also find great haberdashery, bits of random fabrics, sequins and so on.

Jack and Andy’s in Sorrento is another gem of an op shop on the peninsula. The people in this shop take great care in packaging and curating the content of the shop. They have a tidy section of crafts, tins (great for storage), linens, table cloths etc.

Treehouse Textiles in Mornington is a quilting supply store with a large assortment of high quality fabrics and all the bits and bobs needed to make a great quilt. There are also packets made up for projects like bags and pillows which are lovely for when you are inspired to sew but don’t have a clear direction in mind.

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