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Connecting community with art and making.

The Curious Line was created in 2019 as a gateway for connecting with the community through arts and making. 

My name is Kat Wrozek and I am a creator. For better or for worse (but mostly for better) creating has always been my passion. It has guided me through tough times and allowed me to share my heart and bare my soul. It has been the platform through which I have made my dearest friends. 

I see the world through a lens coloured by nature and design. I thrive in the outdoors. If you were to look for me, you might find me resting my back against a tall tree with a bag full of art supplies and a basket full of snacks.

Currently, I am working in my community to help people who are passionate about art fulfil their goals. I love working with people, especially young people, those who are young at heart and people with disabilities. 

Please contact me if you are interested in working together.

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